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3D CAD, STP or SolidWorks models for most designs can be supplied upon request.
  • Line Bushings Ex-d Flameproof Seals

    A wide range of either threaded NPT or metric or non-threaded cylindrical metal sleeves explosion-proof sealed line bushings are available to ATEX, FM, UL and CSA certifications using an almost unlimited choices of wires, cores or cable types, both electrical and fiber optic. -55C to 90C or 200C. EN 60079-0 and EN 60079-1 standards. See below existing line bushing designs with new designs available upon request. PAVE offers hazardous location sealing cable fittings that are explosion-proof, water and oil-tight, dust-ignition proof NPT threaded plated iron alloy ES sealing hub that are potted epoxy electrical wire assemblies. Recognition is available to the requirements for following standards for PAVE-SealĀ® 200FR hermetic epoxy seals:
    UL 1203, UL 60079-0,-1,-7
    CAN/CSA C22.2, B60079-7
    TI value of 90

  • Explosion Proof

  • Explosion-Proof

  • Explosion-Proof

  • Explosion-Proof

  • Explosion-Proof

  • Explosion-Proof
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    Housing Specifications

    Installation Port
    or Size
    Wire Insulation Hermetic Seal Number of Wires AWG # PAVE Description Codes, Housing & Wires PART-DRAWING #
    M16 pvc ATEX Feedthru 4 22 M16-B-150-4-PC20-300-300mm ATEX 3352 *UL
    ½ NPT PTFE feedthru 4 22 PT8TF-SS-200-4-TEE22-24-2 3373
    1" PTFE feedthru 4   PTES31-SG-200-3/1-EE22/RG303 0765
    1" PTFE feedthru 7 22 ES31-SG-200-7-E22-24-51 0769
    Custom piston o-ring PTFE feedthru 7 28 FL0712-AL-150-7-EE24-8-24 EXP. PROOF 0710
    M24 pvc feedthru 8 20 M24-V-105-8-HARM20-6-5 1204
    1" NPT PTFE feedthru 8   PTES31-SG-200-6/2-EE22/RG303-X-Y 0771
    M24 pvc feedthru 12 20 M24-AL-150-12-HARM20-3-4 0840
    M24 pvc feedthru 12 20 M24-V-105-12-HAR20-6-5 1512
    1¼" NPT SOOW feedthru 12 14 PTN20-PS-200FR-CO9412-54-6 1137
    15mm piston seal PTFE feedthru ATEX 15 26 SPF9.5-E-200FR-3/12-EE22/26-16-16 ATEX 3749
    15mm piston seal PTFE feedthru ATEX 15 26 SPF8.5-E-200FR-3/12-PC22/26-13SR-12 3755
    M40 piston o-ring seal Kapton passthru 50 50 ATEX flex cable circuit seal 3684
      Kapton Polyamid piston o-ring   160 SP21.5-E-200FR-2-FLEX ATEX 3745
  • Explosion-Proof Wire Seals

    Most PAVE hermetic seals are bi-directional seals for vacuum or pressure.

    Line bushings with electrical cables, flex circuits or pin terminals for potentially explosive atmospheres for flameproof enclosures are available to ATEX, EEx d II and DIN EN 60079-0 specifications.

    Line bushings can either be threaded with NPT or metric threads or non-threaded push in type with a metal sleeve for flame path block securely locked in place with a retaining ring inserted into a groove.

    Line bushings can also be upgraded to exceed ATEX requirements to be a complete hermetic gas block seal with no detectable gas leakage anywhere thru the seal including the wire or core conductor stranding if so required by the customer.

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