PAVE-Seal® Electrical Hermetic Feedthrough Specifications


PAVE-Seal electrical hermetic feedthroughs are standard or readily custom designed bulkhead electrical or fiber optic cable seals that come in helium-tight hermetic, vacuum-tight, fluid-tight, gas-tight, NEMA 4-6 or IP65-68 type moisture-proof, and/or FM, UL, CSA, Cenelec Exxd explosion-proof seal versions. An unlimited range of cabling types and lengths may be specified. Seal integrity is complete whether pin or insulated wire types.

Seal Integrity PAVE-Seal® PAVE-Mate®
PAVE-Optic-SealTM PAVE-Flex®

While all PAVE products will comply with helium leak rating from <10-6 cc/sec to 10-9 cc/sec (air equivalent) depending upon design, PAVE also uses more cost effective air bubble in fluid leak testing typically at 80 psi (5 bar). Special high pressure testing up to 10 k psi (600 bar) is also available.

(Epoxy is proprietary and not sold separately)

PAVE Wire Seal® 150                                                     -200° to 125° C

PAVE Wire Seal® 200                                                     -200° to 150° C

PAVE Wire Seal® 200UL94VO                                       -200° to 200° C

-200C may be possible when designed for use with a Teflon o-ring

Toxicity Rating K (NASA MAPTIS)
Odor Rating A
Thermal Vacuum Stability Rating A
Flammability Rating X
FM Class 3600, EExd II 90° C TI


Dielectric Strength                                                       >17.4 kV/mm

Dielectric Constant                                                         5.3@ 1 Mhz

Volume Resisivity                                    @ 125° C1x1015 Ohm-cm

Dissipation Factor                                                      0.03 @ 1 Mhz

Hardness, Shore D                                                                       96

Low Vacuum Outgassing:
TML                                                                                           0.25%
CVCM                                                                                        0.01%

High Fungus Resistance                                      MIL-STD–454J/4

Specific Gravity                                                             @ 25° C 2.3

Compressive Strength                                               >948 kg/cm2

Compressive Modules                                          7.7×104 kg/cm2

Tensile Strength                                                       >470 kg/cm2

Water Absorption (24 hours)                                            0.03%

The PAVE-Seal® epoxy is impervious to most oils, solvents, fuels, freons, gases, etc. Epoxy samples are available upon request for customer’s evaluation for any specific chemical compatibility.


Stranded, Plated Copper Wires, 600v (105° C PVC or 200° PTFE Insulation

Any type or size of wire or cable may be specified including coaxial cables, thermocouple wire pairs, high voltage wires, fiber optic cable, flat cables, etc. for length.


Wire Conductor Gage (AWG) O.D. Amperage Rating Nominal Insulation Overall Nominal Insulation Diameter (O.D.)
30 0.30 mm 2 .03 0.8 mm
28 0.40 2 .04 1.0
26 0.50 3 .05 1.3
24 0.60 3 .06 1.5
22 0.78  4 .06 1.5
20 0.90 6 .07 1.9
18 1.21 8 .08 2.0
16 1.50 10 .09 2.3
14 1.85 18 .11 2.8
12 2.4 25 .12 3.0
10 2.94 40 .21 5.3
6 4.67 80 .26 6.6

 PAVE-Seal Epoxy Comparative Tracking Index

The CTI value is used for electrical safety assessment of electrical apparatus, as for instance carried out by Underwriters Laboratory. The minimum required creepage distances over an insulating material between electrically conducting parts in apparatus, especially between parts with a high voltage and parts that can be touched by human users, is dependent on the insulators CTI value. Also for internal distances in an apparatus by maintaining CTI based distances, the risk of fire is reduced. Performance Level Categories (PLC) were introduced to avoid excessive implied precision and bias. — CTI Test Results

Tracking Index (V) PLC
600 or Greater 0
400 through 599 1
250 through 399 2
175 through 249 3
100 through 174: 4

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Upon your email request, a 3D CAD file of most of our drawing can be emailed to the customer for their design use. These 3D models can be supplied in either SolidWorks, STEP or IGS file formats. Please specify your file format preference if any.