PAVE hermetic seals and bi-directional and will seal both pressure and vacuum in either or both directions. For pressures above 300 psi (20 bar), please check with the sales engineer if changing the pressure direction shown on the drawing.

A wide range of either UL 1203 Wires threaded NPT or metric or non-threaded cylindrical metal sleeves, explosion-proof sealed line bushings are available to ATEX, FM, UL and CSA certifications using an almost unlimited choice of wires, cores or cable types, both electrical and fiber optic. -55C to 90C or 200C. EN 60079-0 and EN 60079-1 standards. See below existing line bushing designs with new designs available upon request. PAVE offers hazardous location sealing cable fittings that are explosion-proof, water and oil-tight, dust-ignition proof NPT threaded plated iron alloy ES sealing hub that are potted epoxy electrical wire assemblies. Recognition is available to the requirements for following standards for PAVE-Seal® 200FR hermetic epoxy seals:
UL 1203, UL 60079-0,-1,-7
CAN/CSA C22.2, B60079-7
TI value of 90

Explosion Proof Connectors Description Codes


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Summarized listing of Hermetic Designs by number of conductors, sizes and types

Thumbnail Installation Port or Size Wire Insulation Hermetic Seal Number of Wires AWG # PAVE Description Codes, Housing & Wires PART-DRAWING #
UL 1203 Wires M16 pvc ATEX Feedthru 4 22 M16-B-150-4-PC20-300-300mm ATEX 3352


½ NPT PTFE feedthru 4 22 PT8TF-SS-200-4-TEE22-24-2 3373


1″ PTFE feedthru 4   PTES31-SG-200-3/1-EE22/RG303 0765


1″ PTFE feedthru 7 22 ES31-SG-200-7-E22-24-51 0769


Custom piston o-ring PTFE feedthru 7 28 FL0712-AL-150-7-EE24-8-24 EXP. PROOF 0710


M24 pvc feedthru 8 20 M24-V-105-8-HARM20-6-5 1204


1″ NPT PTFE feedthru 8   PTES31-SG-200-6/2-EE22/RG303-X-Y 0771


M24 pvc feedthru 12 20 M24-AL-150-12-HARM20-3-4 0840


M24 pvc feedthru 12 20 M24-V-105-12-HAR20-6-5 1512


1¼” NPT SOOW feedthru 12 14 PTN20-PS-200FR-CO9412-54-6 1137


15mm piston seal PTFE feedthru ATEX 15 26 SPF9.5-E-200FR-3/12-EE22/26-16-16 ATEX 3749


15mm piston seal PTFE feedthru ATEX 15 26 SPF8.5-E-200FR-3/12-PC22/26-13SR-12 3755


M40 piston o-ring seal Kapton passthru 50 50 ATEX flex cable circuit seal 3684


  Kapton Polyamid piston o-ring   160 SP21.5-E-200FR-2-FLEX ATEX 3745