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PAVE-Seal Wire Harness
with insulated wire or overall jacketed and/or shielded cable on both ends.
Number of wires and size(s)#AWG or metric conductor diameter Wire Mfg Part#, Gage and Insulation Type
PAVE-Mate I Connector Style
with pin disconnects on both ends, either electrical or fiber optic types. Supplied with both mating plugs and contacts. See also PAVE online catalog, in-stock price list, FAQ and drawing library.
Number of Pins Pin Gage, Size, or Amperage Load
PAVE-Mate II Connector Style
with pin disconnect on one side only, and cable length on other side, electrical or fiber optic types. Supplied with one mating plug and contacts.
Number of pins/wires Pin Gage, Size, or Amperage Load
PAVE Opti-Seal Cable Harness
with fiber optic cables on both ends. Can be one or more fiber optic cables within seal, single or multi-modes.
Cable Specification including insulation type, buffer type and size. Send fiber cable sample or spec sheet.

Your Preferred Method of Port Installation (Click here for online catalog pages 6-10 for NPT, straight thread o-ring, Conflat/ISO/NW flange, piston o-ring push in, laser/TIG weld,etc style standard bulkhead fitting/housing types or send your custom dimension drawing requirements).

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Indicate pressure or vacuum or if atmosphere side on above left side drawing after installation.

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Indicate pressure or vacuum or if atmosphere side on above right side drawing after installation. O-ring face seals can be on either side, preferred on higher pressure side.

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Preferred Style of Housing, if any (i.e., VS15L, NPT, molded plug with o-ring, etc) See online catalog pages or Product Index for existing designs.
Size of Thru-hole or port diameter required or any special mechanical requirements.
Preferred Seal Housing Material, if any (Aluminum, SS, Brass,  Plastic, etc)
Wire or Cable (E)nd Strip or (T) Termination connector mfg. part #, if any?
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