Hermetic Feedthrough Sales Representatives

PAVE Hermetic Feedthrough Sales Representatives are readily available to provide guidance and recommendations for the optimum design in accordance with the customer’s requirements. They can provide a sampling of both standard and custom variations. New design applications are always welcome and readily custom engineered.

Sales representatives with strong backgrounds with connectors, cable, vacuum and/or pressure technology interested in representing our product should please contact the Dayton office.

Please call the listed representative or call the factory direct to speak to a PAVE Sales Engineer, whichever is your preference. If the listed representative does not cover your state or area, please contact, via phone or fax, PAVE Sales Engineering at +1.937.890.1100 x103 (tel) or +1 (937) 890-5165 (fax)


Elimec Ltd. | Moshe Tal-Mor
Phone: (972)3-9514122 | FAX: (972)3-9514166

Germany Austria Benelux Switzerland France Lichtenstein

MSA Components Group. | sales@msa-components.com
Phone: +49 (0) 2722 63 73 0 | FAX: +49(0) 2722 63 73 29

All other areas, please contact PAVE home office directly.


Varghese T Jacob
Xtratek Electronics | Varghese T Jacob
Tel: +91 98450 03030 | Voice: +91 80 25350021 |Bangalore, India


COSMOTEC Corporation
平田祥一郎(Shoichiro Hirata)
TEL:03-3270-5761 FAX:03-3270-5610

South Korea

Sammy Choi
SamTra Intl. | Sammy Choi
Tel: 02-2602-8766| Seoul, South Korea