How Many Wires?

PAVE-Seal® hermetically sealed electrical feedthroughs are insulated wire or cable seals for low and high pressures and vacuums and are reliable for long-term use. Temperature ranges are between -200C to 200C depending upon the design. Low pressures from 1 bar to 600+ bar are possible with vacuums up to 10-^8 Torr. All types of commercial or mil-spec wires or cables can be specified, with no leakage whatsoever anywhere through the wires. Cutting the wire or cable shorter also has no effect on the hermetic seal integrity.

Both a wide variety of metal threaded and non-threaded epoxy molded hermetic seals are offered with most also using O-rings. The epoxy seals have high resistance to most chemicals and are also NASA and AMAT approved for low outgassing in high vacuums. Both standard and custom designs for all quantities are readily available.

Choose the number of wires required

0 – 2 wires
3 – 5 wires
6 – 13 wires
14 – 900 wires