If you work with sensitive electronics or components, you know how crucial hermetic seals and feedthroughs are. However, do you understand just how important it is to properly maintain these seals and feedthroughs over time? Here’s more information about why ongoing maintenance is so critical for hermetic seals and feedthroughs.

Preserve Instrument Accuracy

One key reason you need to maintain hermetic seals and feedthroughs is to preserve instrument accuracy. These seals protect sensitive internal components from outside contamination. If the seals fail, dust, moisture, and chemicals can damage electronics and throw off calibrations. Regular maintenance helps ensure the seals continue blocking contaminants, so your instruments stay accurate and work efficiently. Modern appliances are more efficient than their older counterparts. For example, a fridge from the mid-80s used four times as much electricity as a modern one, or about 1400 kWh a year compared to 350 kWh, according to GloBird Energy.

Prevent Corrosion and Failure

Proper maintenance also prevents corrosion and component failure down the road. Hermetic seals are designed to provide a contaminant-free environment within enclosures. Over time, seals and feedthroughs can degrade, allowing air and moisture to reach electronics. This leads to corrosion, short circuits, and eventual failure. With routine maintenance, you can catch seal degradation early and prevent destructive corrosion. Don’t wait for complete feedthrough failure to take action!

Reduce Costly Repairs and Downtime

By staying on top of maintenance, you can avoid expensive repairs and extended downtime from seal failures. It’s much less expensive and easier to do minor feedthrough upkeep than wait for total failure that requires replacing major components. Poor maintenance means you risk sudden seal breaches that shut down instruments for days or weeks while repairs are made. Don’t get caught off guard with unexpected downtime – keep seals in top shape.

Ensure Operational Safety

Here’s an important one – good maintenance is crucial for operational safety. Compromised hermetic seals can result in gas leaks, combustible dust release, and other serious hazards. However, well-maintained seals and feedthroughs prevent dangerous leaks. Don’t cut corners on maintenance and risk harming workers or facilities when seal failures occur. Protect safety with robust feedthrough upkeep.

Maintaining hermetic seals and feedthroughs is truly vital for accuracy, preventing failures, avoiding costs, and ensuring safety. Just because seals seem to be working fine doesn’t mean you can skip maintenance. Take a proactive approach with regular inspection and replacement of aged seals and feedthroughs. If you’re looking to purchase seals or feedthroughs, then reach out to us at PAVE Technology now to place an order.