PAVE-Mate® I Specifications


For Contact insert pin out lettering or number identifications, please click on the appropriate link below

For PAVE-Mate Type 3112 bayonet disconnects based on MIL-C-26482 pin arrangements

For PAVE-MATE Type 3102 threaded coupling disconnects based on MIL-C5015 pin arrangements 

For PAVE-MATE Type 27466, 27508, 99920, 99940 bayonet, threaded or push-pull disconnects based on MIL-C-38999 Series 1, 2, 3, or 4

PAVE-Mate I is a bulkhead, multi-contact connector with various styles of high performance military or industrial aluminum, plastic or stainless steel shell disconnects that can be disconnected on either side of the bulkhead. Signal, power, coaxial, thermocouple and fiber optic versions are available for high vacuum use or up to low or high pressure applications. PAVE-MATE I style connectors have dual sided disconnects with male pins on hex side and female sockets on thread side.

Both mating connector plugs are normally supplied. Loose crimp contacts for the mating plugs are typically supplied (contact crimp, insertion and removal tools are available) though connector series mating plugs with either 3102 or 3112 in the below PAVE description codes can usually be available in fixed solder contacts. Loose crimp contacts can usually be soldered if done neatly.

In addition, connectors with 3112 in the below PAVE description codes can also be ordered with NO silicone rubber materials for the bulkhead and mating connector plugs on either one bulkhead side (typically high vacuum/jam nut side) or on both sides of the bulkhead for critical high vacuum, very low outgassing requirements. Such silicone free mating plugs will not have pin arrangement lettering however. Check with a PAVE sales engineer for ordering information and correct part #’s to order such silicone free connectors.

Online drawing files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or later version software to open to view, print or to download from the Acrobat save button. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe Web site at

Upon your email request, a 3D CAD file of most of our drawing can be emailed to the customer for their design use. These 3D models can be supplied in either SolidWorks, STEP or IGS file formats. Please specify your file format preference if any.

Technical Data
Seal Integrity PAVE-Seal® PAVE-Mate®
PAVE-Optic-SealTM PAVE-Flex®

While all PAVE products will comply with helium leak rating from <10-6 cc/sec to 10-9 cc/sec (air equivalent) depending upon design, PAVE also uses more cost effective air bubble in fluid leak testing typically at 80 psi (5 bar). Special high pressure testing up to 10 k psi (600 bar) is also available.

(Epoxy is proprietary and not sold separately)

PAVE Wire Seal® 150                                                     -40° to 150° C

PAVE Wire Seal® 200                                                     -60° to 200° C

PAVE Wire Seal® 200FR                             UL94V-O flame retardant

Toxicity Ratink K (NASA MAPTIS
Odor Rating A
Thermal Vacuum Stability Rating A
Flammability Rating X
FM Class 3600, EExd II 90° C TI


Dielectric Strength                                                       >17.4 kV/mm

Dielectric Constant                                                         5.3@ 1 Mhz

Volume Resisivity                                    @ 125° C1x1015 Ohm-cm

Dissipation Factor                                                      0.03 @ 1 Mhz

Hardness, Shore D                                                                       96

Low Vacuum Outgassing:
TML                                                                                           0.25%
CVCM                                                                                        0.01%

High Fungus Resistance                                      MIL-STD–454J/4

Specific Gravity                                                             @ 25° C 2.3

Compressive Strength                                               >948 kg/cm2

Compressive Modules                                          7.7×104 kg/cm2

Tensile Strength                                                       >470 kg/cm2

Water Absorption (24 hours)                                            0.03%

The PAVE-Seal® epoxy is impervious to most oils, solvents, fuels, freons, gases, etc. Epoxy samples are available upon request for customer’s evaluation for any specific chemical compatibility.

Any type or size of wire or cable may be specified including coaxial cables, thermocouple wire pairs, high voltage wires, fiber optic cable, flat cables, etc. for length.


Wire Conductor Gage (AWG) O.D. Amperage Rating Nominal Insulation Overall Nominal Insulation Diameter (O.D.)
30 0.30 mm 2 .03 0.8 mm
28 0.40 2 .04 1.0
26 0.50 3 .05 1.3
24 0.60 3 .06 1.5
22 0.78  4 .06 1.5
20 0.90 6 .07 1.9
18 1.21 8 .08 2.0
16 1.50 10 .09 2.3
14 1.85 18 .11 2.8
12 2.4 25 .12 3.0
10 2.94 40 .21 5.3
6 4.67 80 .26 6.6