When searching for a manufacturer of fiber optic hermetic bulkhead, low or high pressure or vacuum seals to meet your needs, there are a few key traits you’ll want them to have. According to Forbes, fiber optic cables can range in price between $1 and $6 per foot. Affordability is a must, but as you evaluate suppliers, keep an eye out for these other markers of high quality and reliability.

They Specialize in Fiber Optics

Your first consideration should be the company’s area of focus. Do they specialize in fiber optic solutions specifically, or do they handle fiber optics as an offshoot among other products? A dedicated fiber optics manufacturer will have immense expertise that more generalized operations lack. All their research, development resources, and talent will revolve around advancing fiber optics rather than split across multiple domains. This concentrated knowledge benefits you through better-performing and longer-lasting products. Plus, experienced staff can guide you to ensure you purchase exactly what your application requires.

They Offer Custom Engineering

Beyond catalog products, you’ll want the ability to get custom-engineered fiber optic hermetic feedthrough seals tailored to your unique specifications. Requirements vary substantially between industries and specific implementations. While pre-designed seals meet some needs, customized solutions provide the greatest reliability, safety, and cost savings. The ideal company employs engineers who can collaborate with you to understand your environmental conditions, space constraints, performance needs, and other considerations. They then expertly design a hermetic seal addressing everything necessary for flawless operation in your specific context.

They Have Strong Quality Control

Lastly, any company providing mission-critical hardware like fiber optic seals must adhere to uncompromising quality control standards such as ISO 9001. This starts with sourcing high-grade materials from trustworthy providers. It continues into strictly regulated and monitored fabrication using proven techniques refined over time. Additionally, it extends through exhaustive inspection and testing to guarantee seals perform as designed over your entire required life cycle. Ask potential suppliers about their quality control processes. Audits by independent organizations also validate diligent quality practices, and longstanding reputations demonstrate a commitment to delivering customers defect-free, durable products.

By keeping these factors in mind as you seek out fiber optic seal solutions, you’ll find a provider ready to satisfy your needs today and support you well into the future. If you’re ready to learn more about purchasing fiber optic seals, reach out to PAVE Technology today for an estimate.