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3D CAD, STP or SolidWorks models for most designs can be supplied upon request.
  • High Voltage Hermetic Cable and Wire Feedthrough Seals

    Depending upon the voltage, a wide variety of high voltage cables or wires up to 32 kV can be provided in a wide variety of hermetically sealed passthrough designs for low or high pressures and vacuums and temperature ranges between -200 to 200C. Cable insulations include PVC, silicone, XLPE, PTFE FEP TeflonĀ® and KaptonĀ®. Listed below are existing hermetic high voltage feedthru designs. Custom designs are also readily available upon request. All PAVE hermetic seals will pass either a vacuum helium leak test 10^-6 to 10^-9cc/sec leak rate or a pressurized gas bubble leak test. PAVE hermetic epoxy seals are much more robust also than fragile glass or ceramic seals.

  • SPF-12

  • High-Voltage Hermetic Seal

  • High-Voltage Hermetic Seal
  • Higher leak test pressures are available upon request for most designs with leak testing with either nitrogen or helium, as the 80 psi or vacuum leak test or other pressure test value shown on many drawings is only a default leak test value and not usually a maximum pressure test rating which can be much higher. Most designs will also seal bi-directionally for either pressures or vacuums. Check with PAVE sales engineering to request higher pressure leak testing or pressure testing in opposite direction shown from the drawings. Cutting the wire length shorter has no effect on the seal integrity.

    Higher voltage testing is available upon request for most designs.

    Lower temperature ratings can be achieved in most cases by simply changing the o-ring compound to an o-ring with a lower operating temperature rating. Check with PAVE sales engineering or an o-ring supplier for recommended alternate o-ring compounds.

    Use your keyboard's shortcut ctrl+ F buttons to bring up your browser's find dialog box to then enter and go directly to a particular part-drawing #.


    Housing Specifications

    Installation Port
    or Size
    Type Wire
    Total Wires
    or Pins
    PAVE Description Codes, Housing & Wires Type Seal PART-DRAWING #
    1¼" o-ring face seal dual sided SHV 1 w/ isolated shield shv 7kV VS18-SS-150-SHV-SHV IN STOCK hermetic connector 1518
    1" o-ring face seal dual sided MHV 1 w/ isolated shield mhv 5kV VS15L-SS-150-1-MHV-MHV hermetic connector 2954
    ⅛ NPT FEP 1 6kV PT2-B-80-1-FEP16-6-6 feedthru 3832
    ⅜" piston o-ring silicone 1 26 15kV SP6L-E-150-1-1786580-30N-3-26 feedthrough 2691-1
    ⅜" piston o-ring silicone 1 26 15kV SP6L-E-150-1-1788425-30N-5-24 feedthrough 1359
    ½" piston o-ring FEP 1 15kVdc 18 SP8S-E-150-1-Reynolds 295-0062-15-15 feedthrough 2631
    ¾" piston o-ring shv & pvc 1 20Kv SP12-E-150-SHV-1-B8866-SHV-14   4439
    ¾" piston o-ring seal PE 1 #18 #18 30kVDC SPF12-E-150HV-1-B200PA48-20T-28T feedthru cable 5001
    ¾" piston o-ring PVC & PE 1 30kVDC SPF12-E-150-1-B200PA48-36T-5T hermetic seal 2569
    ¾" piston o-ring ps 1 18 30kV SPF12-E-150-1-B200PA48-77T-22 feedthrough 2370
    ¾" piston o-ring ps 1 18 30kV SPF12-E-150-1-B8866-36-24 feedthrough 1534
    ¾" piston o-ring ps 1 20 30kV SPF12-E-150-1-Belden9867/BUS16-36-40 feedthrough 2439
    ¾" piston o-ring ps 1 20 30kV SPF12-E-150-1-Belden9867-48-48 feedthrough 2311
    ¾" piston o-ring pvc 1 18 30Kv SPF12-E-150-1-B200PA48/BUS20-26-3.8 feedthrough 2809
    ½" piston o-ring silicone 5KV 2 5kV SP8L-E-150HV-2-HV22-10-10 feedthru 4480
    ¾" piston o-ring PTFE 2 coax 20 30kV SPF12-E-150-1/1/1-RG59U/E20/BUS20-17-15/16 feedthrough 2921
    ¾" piston o-ring pvc 1 22 30kV SPF12-E-150-1-PC22/BUS20-40-24 feedthrough 3309
    ¾" piston o-ring rubber 1 18 5kV SPF12-E-200-1-RB18-8-SOC feedthrough 3134
    ¾" piston o-ring MHV solder cup 1 22 3kV VS12L-SS-150-1-MHV-SC hermetic connector 2966
    1-¼" o-ring face seal cable seal 8 VS18-SS-150-7/1-RG174/REYNOLDS2896-85FT-10FT 7 RG174 4333
    1¼" o-ring face seal Farnell 5602 cable 1 70 ohm, 4kV VS18-SS-150-1-5602-5-5m feedthrough 3167
    ⅛" NPT PTFE 1 24 10kV PT2-SS-150-1-10KV COAX feedthrough 1151
    custom flange face seal PTFE 2 FL18.9/5.6-AL-150-2-TE24-PIN-6 5kV FL18.9/5.6-AL-150-2-TE24-PIN-6 3762 5006
    1¼" flangeface seal PTFE 2   FL20/8-AL-150-2-TE24-PIN-6 24 3762
    1¼" o-ring face seal PTFE 2 coax 18 kvdc VS18-SS-150-5/1-RG316/REYNOLDS HV-36-36 feedthrough 3509
    ¾" piston o-ring PTFE 2 24 4kV SPF12-E-150-1/1-TE24-FO1B090-24-24 feedthrough 1659
    1" o-ring face seal silicone 2 22 15kV VS15L-SS-90-2-HV22-60-24,15KV feedthrough 1500
    11mm piston o-ring silicone 3 30Kv SP7XL-E-200HV-3-FEP20-7-18   3674
    ¾" piston o-ring PTFE 3 rg59 7.5kV 2.5kV coaxial plus 2 wires SPF12-E-150-1/1/1-RG59U/E20/BUS20-36-15 4998
    ¾" piston o-ring PTFE 3 rg59 7.5kV SPF12-E-150-1/2-RG59U/E20-33-4 feedthrough 2822
    ¾" piston o-ring PTFE 3 20 15kV SPF12-E-150-1/1/1-1679611/TEE18/22-24-24 15kv feedthrough 2252
    17.37mm " piston o-ring PE/PVC 7 22 15kv SP11L-E-150-1-Belden8868-60-20CM 15kv feedthrough 2392
    61mm o-ring face seal silicone 7 16 20kV SPF38-E-150-7-16SIL-14-14, 20kvdc feedthrough 2266
    ¾" o-ring face seal XLPE 12 24 5kV VS12L-AL-150-12-Judd24-24-15 feedthrough 2600
    ¾" piston o-ring pvc 1 18 30kV SPF12-E-200-1-PC18-8-SOC feedthrough 2304-1
    custom o-ring flange night vision PTFE 19 26, 7kvdc FL-SS-150-18/1-TE26/HV18-24-11 feedthrough 2528
    0.996" piston o-ring silicone 22 22 3kv SP16-E-150-22-HV22-18-18 feedthrough 2959
  • High-Voltage Hermetic Seals

    Most PAVE hermetic seals are bi-directional seals for vacuum or pressure.

    Any type High voltage wire or cable up from 1-30 kV, single or multiple cables, with or without high voltage cable connectors.

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