3 Benefits of Hermetic Feedthrough

Working with electricity can be difficult and dangerous. The speed at which electricity travels is 6,696,000 miles per hour, and engineers working with it need to be careful. Because of this, there is a tendency to rely on hermetic electrical feedthroughs, also simply referred to as hermetic feedthrough. Essentially, they are in a hermetically sealed wiring. There are several benefits to using this process, and these are three of the key ones:

It Improves Performance

When using hermetic feedthrough there is increased performance in a vacuum chamber. Hermetic electrical feedthroughs are less likely to leak, which is vitally important when dealing with electricity. The danger that is involved in working with electricity means that keeping a tight seal, and not dealing with leakages is important. More than just being a safer process, a good wire seal improves the consistency for engineers.

It’s More Cost-Effective

Appliances are always using electricity, even when they’re turned off. Hermetic feedthrough, by preventing things like leaks, can actually save money on potentially lost electricity. There is also more flexibility in the design of a hermetically sealed connector, which also helps this being more cost-effective than not using hermetic electrical feedthroughs. It does this by being more versatile in how it can be installed, keeping the cost down and everything as easy as possible.

It Offers Increased Design Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of using a properly sealed hermetic feedthrough is that it offers a lot of versatility. This technology utilizes less space, meaning whoever uses it can adjust it to fit into a lot of different settings. These designs also don’t use bulkhead connectors to keep wires together, which takes up a lot of space. That design is also more fragile than other methods. Because of that fragility, and the safety concerns the come with that fragility, you also need to make sure that wires held together by a bulkhead connector are in a spot where they aren’t likely to get damaged. Wires going through hermetic feedthrough don’t have the same concern, as they are better protected from potential damage.

Working with anything electrical can be dangerous. That’s why engineers work within a vacuum when they work with electricity. It’s safer and easier to control. Choosing to work with a hermetically sealed connector is an example of that. It’s safer and more versatile.