As a business owner, you need to do what you can to remain competitive. One of the best ways to do so is by ensuring you have optimum communication speed and technology. That’s where fiber optic feedthrough comes in. This advancement in technology uses thin strands of glass or plastic to transmit data by way of light pulses. Here are four ways this technology can benefit your business.

1. Speed

According to Forbes, fiber optics have download speeds of 250 to 1,000 megabits per second and about 100 times faster than copper wires. This type of lightning-fast speed allows you to have faster online communication and greater productivity. Easily stream videos and download files and online resources in no time.

2. Bandwidth

As your company grows, you’ll have more people in your facility using all sorts of technical devices. It’s no secret the more people there are online, the slower the connection can get. However, this problem is solved with fiber optics since they can handle more data than traditional copper wires. That way, regardless of how many devices are in use during work hours, you’re less likely to have interruptions or slow connection time. It’ll make it easier to support your remote workers and host online meetings with clients.

3. Reliable

Have you ever been on a work call or video stream that kept slowing down or completely disconnected? Needless to say, it’s embarrassing and frustrating, especially when it happens on your end. With a fiber optic feedthrough, you’re less likely to experience the interference that can not only harm your connection with clients but may hurt your reputation.

4. Security

Unfortunately, data breaches are a common occurrence. Hackers are getting smarter, so any serious business needs to do what they can to protect their sensitive data. Luckily, it’s difficult to tap into fiber optic connections due to how light pulses work. The light pulse breaks during an attempted interception and alerts the potential victim about it.

With a fiber optic feedthrough, you can protect your company’s data and ensure the fastest connection speed possible. A technical upgrade for your company can give you a leg up on the competition. To take advantage of fiber optics, contact PAVE Technology.