4 Tips For Finding a Trustworthy Seal and Feedthrough Supplier

If your product needs to use electrical feedthroughs or other technology related to seals, you want to ensure that you’re finding the best possible supplier for your parts. When you’re looking for a new supplier for wire seals, terminal seals, or electrical feedthroughs, here are a few things to look for.


When you reach out to a new supplier to ask about the electrical feedthrough or hermetically sealed connector that you’re interested in, you want to be able to hear back in a timely manner with strong technical support. If a supplier is taking too long to answer your questions, it can show that later on they’ll be slow to respond if you have an issue with their products. Open communication is key to having a good working relationship with your supplier.

Knowledgeable About Their Products

Your supplier should be able to answer questions that you have about their products so that they can help you pick the best options for your needs. For example, if you’re an appliance manufacturer, your supplier might know that modern fridges used one-fourth of the electricity that one used 40 years ago. Information about the amount of electricity your product uses will impact the kind of technology you need from your supplier, and a knowledgeable individual will be able to help you choose the right materials for your needs.

Ask Other Customers About Their Experiences

This is a touchy area actually.  Many clients want to keep it confidential for their own use, unless they are divisions or government to share with an associate.  So references are limited due to confidentially reasons. 

A trustworthy, reputable supplier will have other clients that can attest to their professionalism and experience. Online reviews are one great resource, and if you have questions about how a company interacts with its customers, you can reach out and ask them. You can even ask the supply company for other clients that you may be able to speak to — if a supplier has good customer service, you should be able to speak with their other clients without an issue.

High-Quality Products

The most important part of picking a good electrical or fiber optic feedthrough or terminal seal supplier is to make sure that they have high-quality products. You should try out their product with prototypes before making it a usual part of your product development.  At a minimum, they should also have a current ISO 9001 certified quality system in place.

Choosing the right supplier is an important part of making sure that you’re getting the best possible parts for your end product. If you’re in need of a supplier that has electrical feedthroughs, cable seals, and even more, PAVE Technology is here to help. Get in contact with our team today to find out more about why we’re the right supplier for you.