You may be familiar with fiber optics. This advanced type of broadband uses thin plastic or glass fibers to transmit data with pulses of light. People are converting to this type of technology due to its high bandwidth, advanced speed, and overall stability. While there are many pros to getting feedthrough for fiber optic, unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped some misconceptions about it.

1. It’s Too Expensive

The initial cost that you’ll pay upfront may be greater than copper-wired-based Internet. However, that’s where the expenses stop. According to Forbes, fiber optic internet typically starts at $60 a month. In addition to its very affordable monthly fee, you don’t have to worry about upgrades or ongoing maintenance. It consumes less power and generates less heat than its copper-based competitor. Let’s not forget about how fast it works, so you’ll be getting a lot for your decent monthly fee.

2. It Lacks Security

A lack of security couldn’t be one of the furthest misconceptions about this type of internet. While hackers often have a field day online, the way that fiber optics are set up makes it hard for them to interfere with it. The only way you can compromise its setup is by cutting or damaging the fibers. Thanks to the way the light signals work, they would alert anyone of an attempt to intercept data.

3. It’s Not Available in Enough Locations

People think fiber optic feedthrough is beyond their reach. Its network and reach are being expanded regularly. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), over 40% of American households already had this type of broadband connection in 2019 and should reach 50% of households by 2025. It won’t take long before the majority of American homes have feedthrough for fiber optic from the comfort of their homes.

4. It Lacks Compatibility

Do you have a laptop, smartphone, smart TV, or gaming console? Does your device have a wireless adapter or Ethernet port? If the answer is yes, then your devices are highly compatible with fiber optics. When you make an upgrade, you can expect to change your router or modem. However, your existing devices should be just fine.

As you can see, there are many misconceptions when it comes to using this high-grade type of Internet. Feedthrough for fiber optic internet can wire your home and business for the future. If you want to learn more about this advanced technology that’s becoming more prevalent throughout the country, contact our expert team today!