Wondering how to easily route cables between rooms without dismantling walls? Look no further than pass-through connectors. These nifty devices provide a simple, clean solution. Are you curious about how they work and which type is suitable for your needs? Read on for a complete guide to selecting the proper pass-through connectors for your application.


There are a few main styles to choose from. Basic plastic grommet pass-through connectors are well-suited for low-voltage cables given their affordability and ease of use. Fire-rated metal pass-through connectors maintain firewall integrity and are recommended for routing power or signal cables to comply with various codes. Snap-in metallic connectors offer enhanced durability and security due to their sturdy construction and snap-tight design.

Professional Installation Is Quick and Hassle-Free

No matter the type of pass-through connector, professional installation only takes a few simple steps. First, professionals measure and cut a hole in the wall where cables need to pass through, ensuring the cutout diameter matches the connector size. Then, they screw or snap the housing shell onto the wall surface from both sides. Finally, they thread cables through and snap on the protective cover plates. That’s all there is to properly install a pass-through connector system!

Accessing Cables Is Now a Breeze

With pass-through connectors in place, you can easily access or replace cables down the line without dismantling walls. Need to troubleshoot a connection issue or swap out outdated coaxial lines? No problem; just unfasten the cover plate and work through the connector portal. This makes any future wiring adjustments clean and simple. Keep in mind that a spark of static electricity can measure up to 3,000 volts, according to the Boy Scouts of America!

Pass-through connectors provide a quick solution for cross-wall installations but should always be left to the professionals for safety purposes. By utilizing this technology, connecting cables between rooms is simple, leaves walls intact, and complies with code. Hopefully, now you are better equipped with how to select and use pass-through connectors for industrial wiring projects. If you’re in the market to purchase items such as a pass-through connector, electrical feedthrough, hermetic coaxial connectors, coaxial RF seals, fiber optic feedthroughs, sealed fiber optics, explosion-proof seals, and more, turn to PAVE Technology today.