How Cable Connectors Seals Determine the Life of Your Electronic Systems

When it comes to electronic equipment, exposure to moisture can cause serious damage. Hostile environments can expose the most vulnerable parts of electronic systems. The weakest areas are typically where cables connect. Having good cable seals can help seal out dirt and water to extend the lifespan of your electronic systems. Here is everything you need to know about how cable connectors seals determine the life of your electronic systems.

Environmental Challenges

Electronic systems and devices used in military and industrial settings need to operate effectively in harsh environments. Bulkhead electrical connectors can often be one of the most significant points of failure in electronic systems, especially over a prolonged period of time. Submersible equipment used in diving operations must operate reliably at an approximate depth of 20 meters. The ambient pressure at this depth can be three times greater than the depth of atmospheric pressure at sea level. Waterproof cable connectors seals are essential to prevent potential damage from this amount of pressure.

Common Mistakes in Sealing Terminology

One of the most common misused sealing terms is a hermetic seal. Hermetic seals are designed to be airtight according to the leak rate measured by a tracer gas such as helium to a stated pressure differential. A hermetic seal is often mistakenly used to reference chemical infiltration, water tightness, and submersibility. These properties aren’t necessarily associated with pressure differentials. Water-resistant or waterproof seals don’t need to be hermetic because water molecules are larger than gas molecules.

Cable Connecter Standards for Sealing

Cable connectors seals must meet certain standards when it comes to ensuring a proper seal. Overmolding, O-rings, and potting are combined to guarantee total protection from long-term immersion and dust ingress up to a specific pressure level. Some manufacturers have products that meet more stringent standards for harsh environment application. This can be critical for underwater devices when electricity travels at around 7 million miles per hour in a conductive environment.

When selecting cable connectors seals for harsh environment applications, make sure to consider all points of potential leakage with your electronic devices. Double-check that attached cables adhere to the common sealing requirements specified by IP ratings. You can extend the life of your electronic systems and save yourself money and stress. If you need assistance, contact our staff at Pave Technology Co who are ready and waiting to help you.