How to Troubleshoot Moisture Damage With Coaxial RF Seals

Water damage in an electrical system can be dangerous. Water is a conductor for electricity. A single spark of static electricity is approximately 3,000 volts. This can create permanent damage to an electrical system and its cable connectors seals. Here is everything you need to know about troubleshooting potential water damage with coaxial RF seals.

Understand Conditions Affecting Moisture Penetration

Water can enter coaxial RF seals in ways you may not expect. Sudden rainstorms and flooding may not result in moisture penetration. It can take a number of factors for water to seep through the microscopic openings in the cable seals. Factors such as temperature, chemicals, and pressure play an important role in moisture penetration. By understanding how these factors affect the corrosion of a cable seal, you can troubleshoot issues quickly.

Corrosion can create harmonic interference with the cable system. This interference can be challenging to detect with a spectrum analyzer. It can easily be misidentified as just noise.

Store Hermetic Coaxial Connectors and Cables Properly

It is vital to store coaxial RF seals properly to prevent water damage. If you don’t follow best practices for storage, leaky storage facilities and high humidity can cause moisture to infiltrate and ruin it before use. Oxidation can create a poor connection. Some bulkhead cable connectors are specially treated to block moisture penetration through the metal braid.

Weatherproof Coaxial Cable Connections

There are various ways you can weatherproof coaxial cable connections to prevent water damage. There is a gummy tar-like material you can wrap around the coaxial connection. However, it can create issues if you need to remove it for maintenance or cable replacement. There are a few types of tapes you can use that can help solve this problem and prevent moisture penetration. You may want to consult with an experienced professional regarding the best weatherproofing methods for your needs.

Taking steps to prevent water damage with coaxial RF seals is vital for the protection of your electrical systems. If you need professional help choosing a hermetic connector or cable seal, Pave Technology Co. can help. Contact us today for more information and to receive a free quote.