If you need hermetically sealed fiber optic feedthroughs for low or high vacuum or pressures, whether it be single mode or mult-mode fiber, you’ll need to find a service provider who can get the job done right. These feedthroughs are rather complex, and the devil is often in the details. Even a small mistake could result in big problems. As such, it’s vital to carefully vet any contractors you might be considering. Not sure what to ask? Consider using the questions below.

Have You Worked on Projects Similar to Mine?

It’s smart to ask potential contractors if they have experience with projects similar to your own. The PAVE website shows a long list of hermetic fiber optic feedthrough and connectors  most originally custom designs. Completing fiber optic feedthroughs for a massive international company transmitting vast amounts of data is different from working with smaller, local operations. Also, environments can vary a lot. A high vacuum chamber is much different from deep ocean water sensors, for example.

When Can You Get Started?

The best contractors are often very busy and may have a substantial backlog. When chatting with potential providers, you’ll want to ask when they can get started. If they can’t get to your project for several weeks, you may need to find someone else. Given how busy contractors can be, it’s often best to start making inquiries as soon as possible.

How Long Will the Project Take to be Completed?

Installing feedthroughs may prove disruptive for your organization. You’ll want to know how long it’ll take to complete the project once the contractors get to work. Of course, you should never rush a project as the risk of mistakes will increase greatly. This may result in a lot of issues later on.

What Types of Components Will be Used

The best fiber optic feedthrough companies use the best components and equipment. You should ask for specific details regarding the components used. Then you can conduct a bit of research to make sure that everything is up to snuff. Customer can specify almost any type of material for PAVE to seal.

How Much Will the Project Cost?

When it comes to fiber optic feedthroughs, quality is arguably a more important consideration than price. However, if two providers can provide a similar level of service and use high-quality components, you can select the most affordable option. As such, make sure you consider costs upfront.

Looking for help with fiber optic feedthroughs? Get in touch with us at PAVE Technology! We’ve helped countless organizations set up reliable hermetically sealed  fiber optic systems for a very wide range of customer applications. We can’t wait to help you!