The Most Common Wire Seal FAQs We Hear

Did you know that the average lightning bolt packs 100 million volts? If you’re a professional in the manufacturing, automotive, medical, security, engineering, or motor control industries, you must understand the importance of power. While you may not experience a lightning bolt while you’re working in a factory or in the field, you may experience — and want to avoid — an explosion.

You may be in need of explosion-proof wire seals for your business’s needs. Thankfully, you can purchase them with selectable fittings, wire type/gauge, material, and conductor quantity and length. With customization in mind, what else do you need to know about wire seals?

Here are a few frequently asked questions about explosion-proof wire seals so you can better understand their usage.

What Are Wire Seals Made Of?

Wire seals are typically made of plastic and metal. However, they can also be made of iron, copper-free aluminum, lead, and stainless steel depending on the application it’s being used for. They are created to be tamper-proof as well for additional security.

What Are Wire Seals Used For?

The usage of wire seals depends on what it’s made of. Lead wire seals are usually used for water and taxi meters, hoppers, and drums. Plastic security wire seals are typically used for trucks, railcars, trailers, and boat inspections.

Why Are Seals Utilized In Explosion-Proof Wiring Systems?

Using explosion-proof wire seals enhance safety in an explosive environment. Quality seals provide a protective barrier when used in a factory or in the field. They also help prevent ignition in a working space and minimize pressure build-up.

How Can I Secure My Wire Seals?

Explosion-proof wire seals should be kept in a secure place. They should only be accessible to responsible personnel. Ensure the stock is regularly recorded and kept track of so you know when you need to replenish it. Additionally, all wire seals should be destroyed after use to avoid the creation of safety hazards.

For custom explosion-proof wire seals for your business, look to PAVE Technology. We offer a range of terminal seals, cable seals, fiber optic seals, and more.  And for more frequently asked questions head to our FAQ page. We look forward to helping you find the best products for your business needs.