Using fiber optics is the fastest way to deliver a signal, as it ensures the signal quality. In fact, according to Forbes, fiber optic cables deliver download speeds of 250–1000 megabits per second! Keeping fiber optics moving quickly depends heavily on protecting the cables. Here are five reasons why hermetically sealed connectors are important for fiber optics.

1. Environmental Protection

Hermetically sealed fiber optic cables can withstand the environmental hazards that are caused by dust, dirt, moisture, and debris. Hermetically sealed cables are essential in underground installations, outdoor installations, and industrial environments. Hermetically sealed cables are protected from dramatic temperature changes and more.

2. Extended Reliability

Cables that are hermetically sealed last longer. Hermetically sealed cables reduce the risk of corrosion. The lifespan of the connectors is extended when they are protected and sealed. These cables have a longer lifespan and longer reliability. Unsealed cables are prone to oxidation and other environmental hazards that can reduce the reliable delivery of signals.

3. Sensitive Applications

Fiber optic cables are often used in medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Reliability in these applications is essential. Hermetically sealed cables provide a level of accuracy and reliability that is difficult to find with other cables. Hermetically sealed cables ensure accurate communication, which is essential in sensitive applications.

4. Consistent Performance

Hermetically sealed cables ensure consistent optical performance. Hermetical sealing prevents changes in the refractive index of the fiber. Dust and debris buildup can reduce performance in an unsealed cable. Any alteration in the refractive index can cause signal distortion.

5. Signal Degradation

To get all the speed and all the other benefits of fiber optic connectivity, steps must be taken to reduce the potential for signal degradation. Unprotected cables can encounter moisture and debris, negatively affecting attenuation and decreasing signal quality. Hermetically sealed cables are protected from these contaminants, ensuring the best quality signal.

Hermetically sealed cables are quickly becoming the industry standard. Telecommunications and other critical applications require hermetically sealed cables to be used in fiber optic installations. Additionally, hermetically sealed cables offer cost savings over time.

Hermetically sealed cables must be replaced less often and deliver the reliability that is needed. Learn more about hermetically sealed fiber optic cables and how they can support your project. Contact our team at PAVE Technology today to learn more.