Hermetic electrical feedthroughs transmit power through a hermetic seal. These feedthroughs continue to increase in popularity as more companies discover their excellent benefits. According to BBC Science, electricity travels at 6,696,000 miles hourly, making electrical safety one of the most critical components for your business. Here are a few reasons why our customers are investing in these feedthroughs.

Protect Components

Hermetic electrical feedthroughs are carefully crafted to create an airproof and watertight seal around electrical wiring. This helps protect electrical components from weather conditions outside, reducing the risk of an electrical fire and ensuring your system functions flawlessly. A safe environment will save you money that would be spent on repairs from accidents and mishaps.

Increase Reliability

Electrical components that are exposed to gases and other things may not break down or start a fire, but they may have sporadic interruptions. This is less than ideal when you have a business to manage. Company resources are not used adequately when employees are unable to work without disruptions. You need a reliable electrical system to ensure operations continue to run smoothly.

Difficult Conditions

Various industries exist in challenging work conditions. Oil, gas, and defense industries usually operate in areas with severe temperature fluctuations, excessive water, and other conditions you wouldn’t expect to find an electrical system. However, reliable electricity is necessary for operations. Products like hermetic electrical feedthroughs are essential for companies to thrive in these conditions.

Safety Regulations

Many industries in challenging conditions must adhere to strict safety standards. An electrical fire does more than just hurt your profits; it can hurt your employees and anyone else in the area. Often, these safety standards are non-negotiable. Products that prioritize safety are critical for these companies to pass safety inspections.

Medical Devices

Hermetic products create the waterproof seal necessary for various medical devices and products placed within the human body. These devices can’t come in contact with fluid, but the body is full of fluid. Hermetic products allow medical professionals to save lives and utilize the latest technology to help people enjoy a better quality of life.

We specialize in hermetic feedthroughs, bulkhead connectors, explosion-proof seals, and more. Our experienced team will work with you to help you find products that adhere to the safety standards of your industry. Contact PAVE Technology when you’re ready to learn more.